Ms. Linda Kleckner is a BDA Global Director and customer service expert, specializing in assisting clients in optimizing the customer journey.  Her experience includes optimizing service delivery, call center operations, performance planning and measurement. Ms. Kleckner is an attorney by training with two law degrees, including a Master’s Degree in Contracts Law.  She has worked as a senior executive at two fortune 500 companies and was also a member of the Senior Executive Service (SES) in the US Federal Government. Ms. Kleckner serves as a critical business partner, strategist, change agent, and facilitator in working with clients to improve customer service outcomes and toward strengthening organizational effectiveness. She engages a highly collaborative approach in working with high-ranking executives to identify root causes of pervasive issues and analyze organization structures, processes, and communications. Ms.  Kleckner devises strategic and tactical plans that produce desired outcomes and exceptional service delivery.