Process Improvement

Our process improvement services include Lean Six Sigma studies; process mapping, reviews, optimization, and redesign; program evaluations; customer service improvement; and the development of standard operating procedures.

BDA Global uses a broad suite of tools and techniques to review, assess, evaluate, measure, and analyze organizational efficiency and effectiveness and to develop and design improvements to enhance resource management; productivity; employee morale; functional alignment to core mission, vision, and objectives; and the overall workplace environment. Also includes performing detailed root cause analysis on identified issues and the use of strategic planning tools, such as the Hoshin Model, in order to develop organizational priorities.

BDA Global’s Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belts use a range of proven Lean tools and techniques to map and analyze as-is business processes, perform value stream analysis, identify value-added and non-value-added activities, and develop business process enhancements and workarounds to improve performance.

BDA Global works with our clients to develop strategic plans that closely link strategies to organizational mission, goals, and objectives and which provides a roadmap for short, medium, and long-term performance. For our Federal sector clients we incorporate priorities as defined by The President’s Management Agenda and the GPRA Modernization Act.

In developing enhancements for our clients BDA Global’s subject matter experts routinely identify comparable organizations that use best practices and engage with them to determine where there might be opportunities to integrate best-in-class tools and techniques for our clients.

Our business analysts perform quantitative and qualitative analysis of prospective organizational changes, functions, processes, and/or transactions. This includes the identification of potential pros and cons, and the development of implementation recommendations.

Our business analysts perform detailed quantitative cost and benefit analyses to identify and rank business options and to design optimal recommendations and solutions.

BDA Global develops, maintains, and updates policies and procedures, standard operating procedures, and desk procedures, as appropriate, to support process standardization, seamless organizational performance, staff training, cross-training, and effective retention of institutional knowledge and methods.

BDA Global works with our clients to develop performance measures and key performance indicators (KPIs), and to develop the infrastructure necessary for effective performance management, including systems and approaches for data collection, performance analysis, reporting, and feedback.

BDA Global’s team includes industrial psychologists and other experts who work with the full team, from executive management to support personnel to provide training on the the tools, techniques and approaches for optimizing performance and maintaining a healthy workplace. Our coaching is designed to assist with motivating staff, managing resources, facilitating change, and resolving workplace problems.

BDA Global develops workplace violence prevention programs to ensure employee and visitor safety, including the construction of policies and procedures to address active shooter and other scenarios; creation of crisis management teams; and designing and conducting workplace violence awareness training.

Our services include conducting detailed assessments of client’s facilities covering a wide spectrum of security areas, including access control, CCTV, alarm systems, security staff, mail screening, key/fob control, etc., and working with clients to develop and deploy tools and techniques to enhance security.

When needed, BDA Global provides professionals to serve as expert witnesses to support litigation(s).