Volunteer Efforts

BDA Global Volunteers

Our core philosophy is the belief that the ultimate purpose of a business is to serve its consumers, providing goods and services at a scale that communities would otherwise be unable to provide for themselves. Helping an organization that provides essential services to maintain operations in the event of a disaster not only benefits the local economy as a whole, but also helps limit the physical vulnerability of the communities that the organization serves.

However, many communities throughout the world lack the proper infrastructure to maintain an adequate flow of resources to meet needs under normal circumstances, and are in danger of falling into crisis under the strain of even a minor interruption in normal functioning. These are the same communities that find themselves isolated and marginalized in the midst of a global movement towards greater economic connectedness worldwide – underdeveloped communities throughout Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America that are finding themselves left increasingly in the distance as the rest of the world speeds ahead.

In an effort to increase the resilience of these communities, BDA Global has participated in a number of volunteer ventures throughout the world, including the development of a Community Vulnerability Reduction Fund in partnership with the Pan American Development Foundation (www.padf.org), aimed at helping Central American communities improve disaster preparedness and disaster recovery infrastructure.