US Department of Transportation

BDA Global developed a comprehensive Reconstitution Plan for the Department of Transportation’s Headquarters.  The project entailed conducting interviews with departmental and modal COOP process owners to gather primary data on current operational requirements and working with Security and Facilities personnel to develop an actionable Reconstitution Plan.

Federal Election Commission

BDA Global was engaged to perform Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) and Information System Contingency Planning (ISCP) services for the FEC.  The role includes prioritizing FEC systems for recovery and working with technology stakeholders to develop robust Disaster Recovery strategies.

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

BDA Global performed a business process reviews of NRCS’s Regulatory and Policy issuance processes.  The project entailed conducting interviews with process owners to gather primary data, documenting “as-is” process maps, performing value-stream analysis, and making recommendations for organizational/operational improvement.  More specifically, consultants designed recommendation to streamline the issuance and management of the issuance of regulatory and policy guidance.

US General Services Administration

BDA Global performed a Business Impact Analysis to support GSA’s Continuity Program and to ensure compliance with Federal Continuity Directive 2.  The project involved interviewing key personnel from all major divisions, mapping business processes, and developing Recovery Time Objectives for Mission Essential Functions.  BDA Global subsequently developed COOP Playbooks for GSAs Departments.

US Navy

BDA Global performed a Medical Direction study for CNIC and developed strategies to improve resource alignment and to enhance the long-term readiness of Commander Navy Installations Command (CNIC) to respond to emergency events on Naval facilities.

Inter-American Development Bank

BDA Global conducted an IDB-wide risk assessment that included an analysis of natural, technological and human­-caused risks and threats that could impact organization’s most critical activities, including a specific review of the organization IT infrastructure, redundancy and recovery capabilities.

BDA Global awarded 8(a) STARS III GWAC Contract

BDA Global is proud to be an awardee of the 8(a) STARS III GWAC contract, which will provide Federal Government buyers to customized IT solutions.

Energy Assurance Tabletop Exercise for the Oklahoma

In 2021, the University of Oklahoma’s National Institute for Risk and Resilience engaged BDA Global to design and deliver an Energy Assurance Tabletop Exercise for the Oklahoma State Emergency Response Community and Energy Sector.

BDA Global Supports FEC DRP

In FY 2021, the Federal Election Commission engaged BDA Global to support its Disaster Recovery Planning efforts.

BDA Global Updates NTSB COOP

In FY 2021, BDA Global began a project to update Continuity of Operations Plans for the National Transportation and Safety Board.

USDA NRCS Mission and Vision

In FY 2020, BDA Global was engaged with assisting the US Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service agency with management consulting and strategic advisory services to update the organization’s Mission and Vision statements.