Business Resilience in Times of High Inflation

Business Resilience in Times of High Inflation

Periods of extended high inflation pose an existential threat to many businesses.  Variables such as contract flexibility for both production inputs and sales, buyer demand volatility, adverse supplier impacts as a result of price increases, along with potential resulting delays in the production cycle all present an interwoven matrix of risks that companies must understand […]

Achieving Supply Chain Resilience in Challenging Times

The performance and reliability of supply chains and related continuity considerations have been highlighted by the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, recent inflation, international turmoil, and logistical challenges.  News reports of dozens of supply ships anchored outside Los Angeles harbor waiting to off-load their cargoes, along with stories of chronic supply shortages, have been frequently […]

Increased IT Security Risks with a Distributed Workplace Model

It has become increasingly common for employees at a single organization to work from multiple physical locations, including but not limited to, one or more physical office locations, a range of offsite facilities, and telework.  With this type of distributed workplace model, companies are facing new IT security challenges as they share data from numerous […]

The New Workplace – Telework in a Post-COVID World

Covid-19 has changed everything – our workspaces, personal lives, and a broad spectrum of activities that involve in-person interactions. This has been particularly challenging to the business community.  Determining what adjustments employers need to make and to what extent has been a challenge given that it is unknown when things will go back to “normal.” […]