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The Floodgate Notification System is owned by BDA Global's partner, IIF Data. The tool facilitates voice to text and text to voice notification to ensure timely emergency response and crisis communication. The tool is available as part of BDA Global's integrated COOP Solution.

In today's ever-changing business world, a major problem still exists, the ability to quickly and effectively communicate a simple message. Timeliness and accuracy of information sharing is critical to any organization. Floodgate is designed to solve this problem and to meet those changing needs of our national and global customers with a very simple, reliable, and secure process of emergency and non-emergency notification delivery.

Floodgate is one of the most advanced, efficient, and easy-to-use emergency notification products on the global market today. Floodgate offers organizations a superior solution for emergency and non-emergency notification delivery to mass quantities of people. It is Floodgate's advanced technology that bridges the gap between all standard forms of communication. Within minutes it will instantaneously and continuously communicate to all standard message delivery devices until the message is received by the intended party. So whether you are sending 1 or 100,000 voice and text messages, notifying contacts is as easy as making one toll-free call from any phone or logging onto our website via any computer. Floodgate is that flexible and that easy.

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