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CONTINUUM BCP is a web-based Business Impact Analysis survey application used to gather the majority of data necessary to develop a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan (BCP). The application is easily customizable to fit the needs of the organization and has an unlimited number of users/business units.  CONTINUUM BCP not only gathers critical data on business processes, IT systems, resources, record and vendor dependencies, but it also analyzes and runs reports on all the data collected.

Key Features:

Web-based survey application that is easily customizable by the user to meet the needs of the organization

Recovery Time Objective- tracks data entered by process and assigned Recovery Time Objective. Sort through data, by process in order to quickly obtain your organization’s most important processes, IT systems, vital records, vendors, and resources.

Critical Path Analysis allows user to identify points of tangency between other internal processes and produces a discrepancy report, by Recovery Time Objective, allowing BCP manager to mitigate all process dependency discrepancies before a disruption happens!

With IT System/Process Tracking, the user identifies all IT requirements, by process and by process Recovery Time Objective (RTO). Use this data report to ensure your organization’s Disaster Recovery (DR) plan is capable of keeping your organizations Mission Critical processes running.

Process and Resource Analysis - The BIA data collected is reflected to the user in a series of aggregated data reports, as well as summary reports. All reports download into MS Word or Excel

Operational Risk Analysis - The tool facilitates a comprehensive examination of operational and performance data, and allows the analyst to isolate key risk elements in the organization's operations

Data is gathered into a series of detailed BIA Reports. Reports can be generated for organization as a whole, or by business unit/department. All reports are downloadable into MS Word and Excel.









CONTINUUM Federal is a version of CONTINUUM BCP geared for use by government agencies. Released in 2008, it was developed to help clients meet the requirements stipulated in Federal Continuity Directives 1 and 2 issued by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Key Features:
Along with the same key features as BCP, CONTINUUM Federal has the following additional capabilities:

Allows stakeholders to directly link processes with Mission Essential Functions of the organization. Produce a MEF/Process report (download into Excel or Word) that makes meeting DHS reporting requirements easy!

Mission Essential Personnel identification/tracking. User identifies Mission Essential and Support personnel and telework capabilities. Also allows user to identify location of Mission Essential Personnel.

Sort through data by process linked Recovery Time Objectives in order to quickly obtain your organization’s most important processes, IT systems, vital records, vendors and resources.

Continuity of Operations Plan Development - CONTINUUM includes a BCP Script Writer that allows the user to specify planning assumptions and assign responsibility for plan development


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CONTINUUM Risk is a database-driven web application that is intended to track SGPS risks and related information.  This related information includes high-level facility assets, risk ratings and rankings, and actions taken to mitigate risks.  It offers an array of features designed to assist in managing risks organization-wide.

Key Features:

Risk Assessment - Allows user to identify risks and provide further details including probabilities, impact, and prioritization based on SGPS guidelines

Reporting - Reports are customized for detailing assets by facility and several offering different perspectives on risks, with the ability to export data to Excel and PDF

Risk Tracking - The application provides fields for tracking future risk management decisions and actions

IT Compatibility - The tool is compatible with current SGPS IT systems (ASP.NET 2.0 and SQL Server 2005)

Troubleshooting is available without live data -- a development system with functionally equivalent data is up and running.

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