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Business Process Consulting: Use of integrated process documentation techniques to help identify operational inefficiencies and opportunities for process improvement.

Organizational Assessments and Six Sigma Consulting: Analyzing key operations and functions noting opportunities for structural or functional improvements. Includes use of strategic planning tools including the HOSHIN Model in order to develop recommendations.

Business Case Analysis: Quantitative and qualitative analysis of prospective organizational changes, functions, processes, and/or transactions. This includes the identification of potential pros and cons, and the development of implementation recommendations.

Cost/Benefit Analysis: The analysis of quantitative costs and benefits to identify and rank business options and use of business case analysis to design recommendations and solutions.

Performance Management: Use of benchmarking and operational analysis, and the development of baseline data to measure operational performance.

Sarbanes Oxley Compliance Reviews: Analysis and audit to insure compliance with all titles; includes analysis of corporate governance and updating internal control assessment.

Executive Coaching: Training covers the tools, techniques and approaches for motivating staff, managing resources, facilitating change, and resolving workplace problems.

Litigation Support: Quantitative and qualitative analysis of functions, processes, performance, profit, and profitability for contract disputes.

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