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BDA Global currently operates in 9 countries and is readily expanding. As a company, we believe that Operational Resilience services, including Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity Planning are imperative throughout the world and that strengthening government and industry’s response to disasters and disruptions not only helps insure economic continuity,  but also lessen the impact of a disaster on local communities.

To meet this objective, BDA Global, partnering with the Pan American Development Foundation, has donated hundreds of hours of consulting time throughout Latin American to help prepare businesses for dealing with the impacts of disruptions, to increase sensitivity to community impacts, and to assist in fostering inter-business collaboration, volunteerism, and public/private partnerships. Through our Community Vulnerability Reduction Fund, we are also able to help communities throughout Latin America prepare for and recover from disruptions to their regular flow of commerce and essential services.

Use the interactive map on the right - click on a red pinpoint to learn more about BDA Global’s work in that country.

Please direct general inquiries about our international services, including strategic partnership opportunities or employment to intldevelopment@bdaglobal.com. For specific product or service requests, please see our contact page.

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