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BDA Global has provided a range of business resilience and training services to a broad range of public and private entities, as well as non-profit organizations.

Recent client engagements include:

National Grid

In 2013, BDA Global worked with National Grid to strengthen its existing emergency management practices with the addition of a Shelter-in-Place (SIP) program. The development of a SIP program included actionable SIP plans and recommendations based on industry standards and best practices, and SIP procedures, templates, and outreach support to local law enforcement and the first responder community.

Oklahoma Corporate Commission

In 2012, BDA Global designed and conducted an HSEEP compliant simulation exercise for State First Responders and Government Officials responsible for Emergency Management and COOP. The exercise involved a complex series of cascading events and emergency management/COOP responses by hypothetical teams.

Children's National Medical Center

In 2012, BDA Global performed a preparedness gap analysis followed by an in-depth Business Impact Analysis to identify and assess Children's National IT processes and analyze risk of disruption to the Department. An overarching Business Continuity Plan and coordinated departmental plans were developed for fifteen (15) IT business units in coordination with existing Hospital-level COOP and Emergency Preparedness plans. Recommendations for process improvement Training, testing and exercises were offered to support the newly-developed plans.

International Monetary Fund (IMF)

From 2011 to 2012, BDA Global provided Emergency Management and Continuity of Operations Audit Services for the IMF, identifying opportunities to streamline the organization's emergency response and business resilience program. The audit involved an examination of operational and technology plans including detailed analysis of deployed tools and techniques to ensure that the organization will survive even the most devastating of disruptive events.

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

From 2011 to 2012, BDA Global performed a management assessment for NIEHS, which included examining the current model for delivering IT services to the organization and developing recommendations to streamline how and when services are delivered. The scope of the examination included conducting interviews and focus groups with key personnel and management to document how services are currently delivered and working collaboratively with key personnel to determine opportunities for improvement.

National Park Service

In 2011 BDA Global analyzed organization structure and requirements and development of Human Resource Metrics to support a major organizational transformation. Work included reviewing transformation goals and objectives, performing benchmarking, identifying potential metrics, assessing potential impacts to NPS, performing business case analysis, and developing recommendations and implementation guidance for applying metrics.

City of Raleigh

From 2011 to 2012 BDA Global developed an IT Business Continuity Plan for the City of Raleigh's IT Department. The engagement included conducting a Business Impact Analysis, developing COOP strategies and vetting with management and stakeholders, and developing and vetting a final COOP strategy.

Workforce West Virginia

In 2011 BDA Global developed an IT Contingency Planning and Business Continuity Strategy for Workforce West Virginia's Unemployment Compensation Division, the organization is responsible for making unemployment benefit eligibility decisions and for administering unemployment benefits to eligible recipients across State.

Florida State Board of Administration

In 2010, BDA Global completed an assessment of SBA's Continuity of Operations and Disaster Recovery plans. In 2011, BDA Global performed a Business Impact Analysis for SBA and updated its Business Continuity Plans. As a State organization responsible for managing the public retirement fund and a range of complex financial instruments, SBA has a short recovery time objective for many financial functions.

AMCHAM Jamaica

In 2010 BDA Global worked with AMCHAM Jamaica to plan and deliver an earthquake simulation exercise in Kingston Jamaica. The training was attended by members of the Jamaican business community and incorporated presentations by the head of the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM) and from the Earthquake Unit of the University of the West Indies.

Mississippi Department of Employment Security

In 2010, MDES engaged BDA Global to provide a range of consulting services, including Call Center advisory Services and Disaster Recovery Planning services.

City of Red Deer

In 2010, the City of Red Deer in Alberta, Canada engaged BDA Global to assit its efforts to develop a comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan. The plan is intended to ensure that the City can resume its Information Technology functions timely, and continue supporting City services after a disruptive event.

Arlington County Office of Emergency Management

In 2009 Arlington County, Virginia engaged BDA Global to design and implement a training program for County building managers and security personnel, training them on the facets of an effective Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program. The goal of the training is to improve the level of overall County preparedness and to introduce best practices in training first responders and emergency operations personnel.

Federal Trade Commission

In 2008, BDA Global was awarded a contract to assist the Federal Trade Commission with its COOP program. Contract includes conducting a full Business Impact Analysis (BIA), developing an overarching COOP plan, developing bureau/office plans, ensuring the Commission is in compliance with Federal Directives 1 and 2 and, providing Training, Testing and Exercise support.

District Department of Health

In 2008 the District of Columbia's Department of Health contracted with BDA Global to enhance its Medical Surge Plan.

District Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management

In 2008 the District Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management contracted with BDA Global to provide subject matter expertise in conducting a performance audit of the District of Columbia's Homeland Security Program.

Millennium Challenge Corporation

From 2008 to present, BDA Global has been working with the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) to update its Continuity of Operations Plans and assist it in preparing to participate in yearly National Level, Eagle Horizon Exercises. BDA Global consultants have updated MCC plans to bring them into compliance with Federal Continuity Directives 1 and 2, and worked with departmental directors to identify mission essential functions, potential primary mission essential functions, and to update planning documents. BDA Global successfully facilitated MCC's efforts to meet all of the Homeland Security Department's COOP submission requirements, and helped MCC improve its level of readiness.

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

From 2004 to Present, BDA Global has provided senior subject matter experts on various NIAID process improvment and reengineering projects in collaboration with CPS.

Department of Housing and Urban Development

In 2005 and again in 2007 BDA Global provided project management and senior subject matter expertise in performing a range of services for the Department of Housing and Urban Development with one of our 8a partners, Ofori and Associates. We provided leadership in performing an internal controls review for the Asset Sales Office, led the development of integrated process flow diagrams, and provided leadership training to management.

US Defense Logistics Agency

From 2006 to 2007 BDA Global worked with the US Defense Logistics Agency to develop a comprehensive Continuity of Operations Plan for the Defense Supply Center in Philadelphia. With our partner IIF Data, BDA Global performed Business Impact Analysis using CONTINUUM, published a COOP, and conducted training of personnel at the Defense Supply Center Philadelphia, a facility with over 3,000 personnel.


BDA Global managed the development of the Continuity of Operations/Business Continuity Plans for USAC, the quasi-governmental organization that administers the collection of billions of dollars in the telecommunications fees on behalf of the US federal Communications Commission.


BDA Global consultants performed a comprehensive Business Impact Analysis for the American Psychological Association, using supply chain analysis to determine key processes, personnel and resources for business continuity.


BDA Global consultants worked with FDIC management to develop and test a robust business continuity strategy.

VA IT Architecture Office

BDA Global consultants developed a Continuity of Operations Strategy for the US Department of Veterans Affairs' Information Technology Architecture Office.


In 2007 BDA Global completed a test of PFFCU�s Business Continuity Plan. BDA Global with our partner Advanced Continuity, developed a BCP for the PFFCU, an institution with close to $2 billion in assets and multiple locations. In addition, PFFCU used the CONTINUUM application to conduct their Business Impact Analysis. Their BIA was conducted in record time, saving thousands of consulting dollars and plans developed met FFIEC standards. BDA Global continues to support PFFCU with training and testing services.

District Department of Transportation

In 2007, BDA Global performed Business Case Analysis for the District of Columbia�s Department of Transportation, examining in-house versus privatized operations of its parking meter program.


In 2007, BDA Global consultants assisted PotashCorp with the Continuity Strategy development for PCS Nitrogen Trinidad Limited, a subsidiary that manufactures Ammonia and generates over a billion dollars in annual revenue.

National Weather Service

In 2007, BDA Global led the development of a comprehensive Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP) strategy for the National Weather Service Telecommunications Gateway, a US Federal agency responsible for transmitting critical data to the Federal Aviation Administration. The project involved using the CONTINUUM application to identify and analyze recovery requirements for a highly technical set of business units and developing continuity strategies to maintain critical capability after a disruption.

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