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CONTINUUM BCP was created in 2004 with the goal of bringing a tool to market to facilitate the effective and timely analysis of business operations for continuity planning purposes. While many tools available on the market today provide only a structure for aggregating data, CONTINUUM was specifically tailored to guide the upfront analysis that provides all the inputs of planning.

CONTINUUM BCP provides a methodology for developing comprehensive continuity plans. CONTINUUM BCP differentiates itself from other Business Impact Analysis and Business Continuity Planning tools by providing users with a web-based survey and analytic model based on best practices in continuity planning, much more than the standard data collection and storage tools and templates provided by many of the leading BCP software companies.


CONTINUUM includes a survey module that is easily customizable to fit any sized organization and allows users to add as many business units as necessary. The tool allows process owners to log into the application and enter in data about their business unit, including information on processes, personnel, vendors, critical record dependencies, and needed resources to continue critical operations at an alternate site during a disruption. CONTINUUM BCP was designed to be user friendly and walks the user through the various steps necessary to completing the survey.

Continuum collects and stores all of the data per business unit and automatically develops a series of reports, downloadable into Microsoft Word and Excel. It assists the BCP Manager's efforts to understand how all of the organization's processes are interrelated, a crucial step in developing a robust Business Continuity Plan. It also facilitates data analysis, both through built in algorithms, as well as the strategic use of designated points for BCP manager input. The application has an internal tracking device that allows Managers to monitor the progress of the BIA.

CONTINUUM incorporates years of lessons learned in working with public and private sector institutions to analyze business continuity planning needs. Our model incorporates detailed analysis to inform management decisions for each major planning attribute and component. For more information on CONTINUUM, please visit www.continuumbcp.com.

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